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Wedding Reception surprise

We were invited along to a special couples wedding reception at the Who'd A Thought It pub in Grafty green. And what a great success it was !

All lit up, we paraded down the narrow lane into the car park where the invited guests were gathered. To the sound of Samba Beat the entire place erupted into a frenzy with a mass of colour light and sound. Everyone waved sparklers before coming to join in the samba by dancing and cheering in amongst the band. Only after a further encore could the fireworks be set off after which, you guessed it, we had another encore.

Such amazing fun and a great reaction from the guests.

We wish the special couple many congratulations on their wedding, we hope we managed to add that something special to your event.

Old School Samba all lit up waiting to start at the Wedding reception at the Who'd a Thought it Pub.


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