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Fête de la Musique

This event was pretty special for us, not only because it is hosted in our local village, where many of our members are from, but it marked our 5th anniversary !

We formed the band back in early 2014 with a view to play at the local fete, and five years on we are still going. We now have a band that's going from strength to strength and plays at loads of events all over the South East of England, from Carnivals, to fêtes, Weddings, Birthdays and many other community occasions. Our summers are filled with music, energy and passion and above all the sheer enjoyment of Samba and bringing enjoyment to many thousands of people.

This year's fête was bigger and better than ever, and being blessed by the weather, everyone stayed on all afternoon to listen to the variety of bands and dance acts that turned out to perform. We had a great time and performed with people that had been with us for all of our 5 years and someone that was playing at their very first public performance !

We're so looking forward to see what the next 5 years will bring.


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